going to Chicago

Posted December 22nd, 2012 by mana

after Doomsday i am going to Chicago, Babe!

This is crazy…. I’ve got 6 gallons of water, biscuits, and coffee. Good for me. I think I can survive for Doomsday?! So what else? I must visit my friends… I’m gonna fly to Chicago to remember the times when we were together in school. This is it! let’s and the Year or (the end of the World) with some Eggnog with Whiskey… and save the Water for later. We gonna need it!

so… See you Friends in Chicago!

salt cake

Posted November 17th, 2012 by mana

I am not a baker but I like from time to time to try new things.
It looks delicious, isn’t it?

focus on your work

Posted November 17th, 2012 by mana

Nobody can move me from my hours of Goggling at my tiny desk and sitting on my tiny red chair. :)
I am joking, I just opened my laptop to see how will be the weather today. :)
And surprise!!!!!!!! my photo shooter was prompt to snap a photo.

Los Angeles

2 weeks

Posted March 14th, 2012 by mana

2 weeks until the show. looking at it from outside… it’s not big deal… but it is. I must perform at a high level. it could be normal if I am nervous or I cannot sleep at night. it is right? it is!
I hope to make time to write again here from time to time.
since I moved to Los Angeles, I don’t know how the time flies. I met here a few friends dear to me, which brings so much happiness into my life. I also met new people which helps me to develop in the way I always wanted.
all a can say now is… thank you people! You are always in my heart.

Back home

Posted November 25th, 2011 by mana

Back home! It’s November 25, 2011! I’ve been away for awhile. A lot of thinks were happened to me… good or bad is always bless to me. Those are always like a challenge of my life. What is more important in life is to go on no matter what! So no matter what, I am keeping focus for what is important to accomplish in my life.
Back home… means not really back home…. :) means back where i always felt that is my home and I am really happy for that. I always follow my instincts and this is really interesting.
So… Back home!
With love for love!


Posted May 8th, 2011 by mana

only me

Posted April 16th, 2011 by mana


Fiecare pt sine

Posted April 13th, 2011 by mana

Fiecare pentru sine

By Mana Locca
Fiecare pentru sine
Croitor de paine.
Prin puterea ce-mi e data,
Din-nainte stiu
Ce e bine…
Ce e rau…
Ne spune simtul…
Asculta-vom ce ne spune.
Stiu ca nu voi fi
Luata in seama
Tot ce spun
Vi se pare poate
Putin cam exagerat

Like a game

Posted April 11th, 2011 by mana

It’s like a game

By Mana Locca
Why do I love you?
Why do I fall for you?
Why do I love you with all my heart?
Why do I fall for you from the start?
It’ s like a game.
Why can’t I stop thinking at you?
Why can’t I say goodbye?
Why do I still get jealous?
It’s like a game
Why do I still get butterflies?
Why? Why? Why?
When you just say : “Hello!”
It’s like a game
You know
It’s like a game
Beautiful game
It’s like a game
An endless game
Why can’t I forget about you?
Why does a part of me still believe?
It’s like a game

Blue moon

Posted April 9th, 2011 by mana

Blue Moon

by Mana Locca

One more blue moon
One more last kiss
Oh… Look at my tears

I find it hard to believe
We’ve gone through this before
Don’t try to close forever…..
That door.
Look at my tears
Look at my tears

Everyone fights for
I don’t know for what they are fighting for
Look in my eyes
I have nothing to hide.

Just look at the mirror
And what you will see
Is another blue moon
Maybe another me.
Look at my tears
Look at my tears

I catch in my fingers
Hot and wet tears
For all last 3 years
Look at my tears
Look at my tears

We were made to suit each other
One more blue moon
This cannot be for another…
One more last kiss
Look at my tears…..